Kolkata Pride: the Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk is held in December.


This room includes an aperitif and a 6-course gala dinner on 31 December. Drinks are not included, and children under 11 years will choose from the a la carte menu. The 3 Image+Nation Gay Film Festival takes place every year for 2 weeks in late November and early December. The festival brings together outstanding local, national and international films for both Montreal’s LGBTQ community, and for the citys avid film lovers. This room includes an aperitif and a 6-course gala dinner on 31 December. Drinks are not included, and the ambience was conducive for informal buffet. But the desserts & fresh fruits need significant improvement, seeing it is pricier than most other hotels which offer these at...More. This room includes an aperitif and a 6-course gala dinner on 31 December. Drinks are not included, and wired internet is provided in the rooms.. I love Montréal for its sheer diversity of people. My first trip there in August 2011 happened to coincide with the huge Fierté Montréal Pride, a week-long celebration of the LGBT community.  We joined two Prides, one in Berlin and then in Cologne. Berlin Pride was fun, but Cologne was even better. Its hard to say why – the atmosphere was more joyful and careless. It felt like the whole city just wanted to have a good time.

Kolkata Pride: the Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk is held in December.:

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A month later we visited Marseille hoping to enjoy the French summer by the sea. The day we decided to visit the famous Vieux Port, we were pleasantly surprised to discover it coincided with the Marseille Pride Party. No doubt we got plenty of rosé and danced our socks off during the whole afternoon. We are a big fan of gay clubs and bars. Last summer in Europe, we travelled around France and Spain, which nicely coincided with the summer Pride festivities. One of my favourite experiences was walking in the San Francisco Pride Parade in 2013 just two days after the US Supreme Court overturned Proposition 8, legalising same-sex marriage in California. The energy that filled this huge city was spectacular and amazing to be a part of. Unfortunately, more recent events have seen protests by a resilient conservative Christian following. The 2015 Pride parade was lucky to even go ahead. The annual Pride parade in Seoul is the needle that threads the dozens of patchwork organisations together, and as such is perhaps the best place to learn about the support systems available. During my time in Korea (2008-2013), I attended multiple Pride events, although the photos have been intentionally blurred to avoid outing anyone (an actual requirement of photographers at these events).

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Montreal gay Pride was simply incredible! We had such an amazing time and it was definitely one of the best gay pride festivals weve ever been to. We met Nelly Furtado, hung out with a few of the Ru Paul drag queen superstars and saw the handsome Canadian Disney Prince, Justin Trudeau, as he led the parade. Actually we had our first Pride on 25th June 2012 and again on 17 May 2013 called Proud To Be Us. It is hosted by the US Embassy and held on their sports field in Vientiane. Were you guys going to Taipei for the gay pride festivities? I see they changed their dates from the 24th to the 31st. We planned our trip from the US around that and got burned. We’ll be there a whole week earlier now and will miss te Pride fun. Love your blogs, keep it up! Best of the world travels guys. In theory there are several, such as Bali Pride and a few events every 17th May to celebrate the International Day against Homophobia, Transophobia and Biphobia. Madrid is a magnet for gay tourists. The summer Orgullo Pride Festival is one of the best in Europe. This years will take place from 29 June to 3 July in 2016. Pride Tours Chile also offers a variety of other tour packages to help you get the most out of your stay in Santiago, from bike tours, to guiding you around the gay scene in Bellavista. They are also offering our readers an exclusive 5% discount off all their tours if you quote “NOMADIC5“ when booking.

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However, walking through the streets of old Montreal, we stumbled upon the Christ Church Cathedral, which had a big pink sign outside advertising a Pride Mass taking place during the Fierte gay festival. We were pleasantly shocked – were not really used to religion and gay appearing in positive light in the same sentence! During the Fierte Canada Pride in Montreal, the balls are changed to 18 shades of the colours of the rainbow flag to make it look like a giant rainbow covering the village. We love it because it not only has an awesome name – 18 Shades of Gay, but it also gives the gay village an incredible effect, unlike anything else weve ever seen before. …spoken by one of Montreals most famous (straight) residents, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who led the gay parade when the city was hosting Canadas first nationwide Fierte Pride. Whistler Pride packages, which include accommodation and festival passes, start from CAD$1,848 (USD$1,450 / £1,080) for 7 nights. Whistler Pride passes only, start from CAD$179 (USD$140 / £105). Whistler Pride takes place in the award winning mountains of Whistler and Blackcomb, West coast Canada, around 2 hours drive north from Vancouver airport on the scenic Highway 99. What we love about Montreal Pride is how diverse it is, with people from all around the world attending, including straight allies, and families with their children. In addition, during the parade at 1:30pm, it is tradition to have a 1 minute Moment of Silence, where everyone stops to commemorate and honour all LGBTQ pioneers. Its a very powerful moment, which makes your hairs stand on end as youre reminded of the importance of Pride and why we are celebrating.

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Despite its size, there are a number of annual gay events in Sarasota, including several Prides, a film festival and an exhibition celebrating diversity: Well be very honest, before coming to Sarasota we knew very little about it. However, it turned out to be the hidden gem of our trip, a place we would definitely love to return to. As well as being the cultural capital of Florida with so many things to do, it also has a fun gay scene worth checking out, with annual events like the “Harvey Milk Festival” and “Sarasota Pride”. Read more from our favourite prides in the world including the Fierte Canada Pride in Montreal and the awesome Gay Pride in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Also, check out our vlog about Montreal Pride here: Some of the best pride parties include the Cape Town Pink Party, Pride Womens Space and the Cozy Pool Party Pride Edition, which is the place to come to show off your speedos. The biggest and most extravagant event of the city is the Cape Town Pride Festival, which takes place in February/March. It’s a 10 days festival full of parties, events, lots of colour, and culminating with a large parade on the final day. Just tell your Uber or Lyft driver to head straight to Wilton Manors. This is where all the action happens. Its comprised of several blocks where all the gay hangouts can be found as well as gay shops like Pride Factory, and museums like the Stonewall National Museum and the World AIDS Museum.

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Lauderdale is my hometown & there’s tons to do here — the World Aids Museum is small but a great place run by great people. I also recommend checking out the Pride Center at Equality Park which is just down the road and always has lots of events going on – they’re actually the folks who organize Wicked Manors on Halloween (always amazing!). Once a month on the 1st Saturday they host a BIG community flea market with lots of vendors selling antiques, jewelry, clothing plants, and more. It’s a lot of fun and pulls in big crowds. Nearby to Wilton Manors is a small Bohemian road called “Eucalyptus Gardens”. It has a handful of open minded and very colourful cafes like “Voo La Voo“, as well really cool street art murals. If youre looking for a gay shop to stock up on your fetish gear, buy new swimwear and other accessories, check out Pride Factory. The W is a very gay friendly brand. At the Fierte Canada Pride, it hosted the LGBTQ Queer Me Out series and is world famous for its commitment to our gay community. We stayed at the Fairmont during the Fierte Canada Pride in Montreal, located in downtown Montreal. It is regarded as one of the best luxury hotels of the city, made famous by John Lennon and Yoko, where they staged a week long Beds-In for Peace non-violent protest against the Vietnam War in 1969 (in Room 1742). You can watch the full documentary about it on Yoko Onos YouTube channel. This is also the heart of the gay scene of Montreal, with plenty of bars, clubs, after hours clubs, saunas, strip bars, cafes and more, to suit everyone. This is our gay guide to Montreal featuring the best bars, clubs, hotels and things to do, following our visit during the Fierte Canada Pride in August 2017. There were other Ru Paul drag race superstars performing at the Fierte Canada Pride in Montreal, like Chad Michaels, Raja, Roxxie, Sasha, Peppermint, Nina Flowers and Derrick Berry. In addition, there were many other local drag queens attending and performing, including Montreals very own Mado who has her own gay bar in the Gay Village called Cabaret Chez Mado.

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As soon as we found out some of the Ru Paul drag race stars were going to perform at the Fierte Canada Pride in Montreal, we knew we had to try to meet our favourite, Yara Sofia. Remember her from Season 3 / All Stars Season 1? Shes the hilarious, crazy, spicy Latina from Puerto Rico, full of personality and completely barking mad! Theres nothing quite like the atmosphere in Montreals gay village during the Fierte Canada Pride, where the entire city seems to congregate here to enjoy the fun outdoor party vibe. Every day of the Fierte Canada Pride culminated in the large Gay Village of Montreal. This is the only city we know which has an official gay village as a district on official maps and also appears in location tags in social media posts. We loved this moment during the Fierte Canada Pride because as well as feeling a strong sense of togetherness with our LGBTQ family, it reminded us of the significance of what gay pride is all about. Every Montreal Pride parade has a tradition to stop at 1:30pm for a 1 minute Moment of Silence. This is to pay homage to LGBTQ pioneers who have fought to give us the freedoms we enjoy today. We were so proud to be a part of it and like the Puerto Vallarta Pride in Mexico, it ranks as one of our favourite gay pride events. Heres our 5 favourite moments from the very first Fierte Canada Pride in Montreal.

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In August 2017, Montreal hosted the first ever Fierte Canada Pride, an 11 days festival of parties, performances by artists like Nelly Furtado and Ru Paul drag race superstars, then culminating with a large parade on the final day, led by Justin. The Pride takes place in the summer, usually in late July/early August. The 2018 Vancouver Gay Pride Parade will take place on Sunday 5 August. For full details of events during the Vancouver gay pride check out their website. Canadians sure know how to put on a spectacular Festival! Toronto is one of the most famous in the world, and we also loved the Fierte Canada gay pride in Montreal. The Vancouver Gay Pride started in 1978 and has since grown to become the largest parade of any kind in Western Canada, with around 650,000 people attending the 2017 Pride. Whistler is a small town around 2.5 hours drive north of Vancouver, famous for being a weekend ski retreat for locals. The Whistler Pride and Ski Festival is one of the largest and best LGBTQ ski events in North America. We had a lot of fun here highly recommend. You can read more about it in our 5 amazing things to do during the Whistler Pride week. You can also find out more information, tickets and details on the Whistler Pride 2019 website. Other fun Whistler Pride events we loved were the Furrocious fetish party, the Snowball closing party and the comedy night featuring the hilarious Margaret Cho. She was absolutely brilliant and completely brought the house down. The Whistler Pride pool party called Splash was our favourite. Imagine partying with a group of gay boys in Speedos, splashing about in a large pool, with live music, disco lights and of course, the obligatory pink flamingo floats.

The party atmosphere outside Prik gay bar during Amsterdam Pride